Book Report: Simenon’s “A Man’s Head”

George Simenon’s Maigret is one of the most famous literary detectives ever created. He is probably second only to Poirot! Penguin has been reprinting the Maigret series in paperback, and the quality of the publication is excellent. I recently added to my collection a ninth column from Penguin, in this …

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New Site Renovation Project

Oh, yes, we have been busy around here! Hence, no recent posts. Well, that drought of posts is over, I think. Yesterday we launched (or is it “re-launched”) the of the site for M’s Handmade Boxes. M, or Meredith, has been a client for a very long time. We have …

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1937 Ford Roadster "Aftershock", 2017 AMBR contender

Although this car did not win, my guess is that it would have been right up there. It is a 1937 Ford, if you can believe that, and it is named “Aftershock”. The level of craftsmanship on the AMBR cars is impressive.  The paint, as you can imagine, was flawless. …

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Mulholland Speedster Wins the AMBR!

The Mulholland Speedster, 1936 Packard, AMBR 2017 winner

Here’s a photo I took of Bruce Wanta’s AMBR (America’s Most Beautiful Roadster) winner last week at the Grand National Roadster Show. This is called the “Mulholland Speedster” and is a 1936 Packard. It was built by Troy Ladd and designed by Eric Black. I thought there was a good …

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Indiana Jones and the Movie Prop

Model of Stinson airplane used as a movie prop

I had occasion to visit the Flight Path Learning Center and Museum at Los Angeles International Airport ( recently. This was a return visit, I was last there a couple of years ago. One of the many things they had on display was this extremely interesting model of a Stinson …

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Travel Tip: Weather Factors & Layovers

One of the things that most baffles me is the panic that ensues when there is a flight delay. Over and over again you hear the tired refrain, “I am going to miss my connecting flight!” Well, let’s take a look at this issue. When you book a flight you …

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Well, What’s the Status of My Flight?

OK, so you are wondering what the status is of you flight. Maybe you are on the way to the airport, maybe you are at the airport. But, you need to know what’s going on. Fear not! There is an excellent app from Mobiata called “Flightboard” and I think you …

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