Well, What’s the Status of My Flight?

OK, so you are wondering what the status is of you flight. Maybe you are on the way to the airport, maybe you are at the airport. But, you need to know what’s going on.

Fear not! There is an excellent app from Mobiata called “Flightboard” and I think you will love it. Flightboard displays the exact same information on your phone or tablet that is posted on the board at the airport. In fact, in my experience the info is identical.

Check it out at www.mobiata.com/apps/flightboard.

My favorite thing to do is to log in as soon as the airplane turns off the runway and it is OK to crank up the smartphone. Then, as we approach the gate, I can check the connecting flight information. Perfect! Saves time, saves worry.

Check out Flightboard for the next time you travel.