New Web Project Launch: Travel Destinations

Bob & Frank’s Travel Destinations

Bob & Frank Travel Destinations Home Page
Bob & Frank Travel Destinations Home Page

Spring is rejuvenation time! Bob and Frank have a newly renovated and updated Web site at The original site was exciting, vibrant, and captured the fun and allure of traveling. We needed the new version to retain the same atmosphere.

To this end we used the Tempera WordPress theme from Cryout Creations. Of course, it is highly customized! But, the famous Travel Destinations color scheme is retained. We have added a couple of special features, the most important of which is the responsiveness so that this site will look great on all devices. Another really cool treat is the responsive Travel Photo Gallery!

New Astronomy Site – ASRAS

We have launched¬† very special Web site for the Astronomy Section of the Rochester Academy of Science. They recently encountered a little emergency that necessitated a quick build of a new site. We put the engines in “full speed ahead” mode and made a really neat project. After the site …